Instructions for Submitting to Acropedia

Hello friends, moving forward Eric Sipes will be curating content that you lovingly submit.  We really appreciate your dedication to the community, love of the practice, and willingness to share your creativity and passion.  Please read the instructions below before submitting your photos/videos and most importantly have fun!

The first step is that you should post your move to the Acropedia facebook group. This is to see if your move or something very similar has been done before. Sometimes people go to great lengths to make a nice washing machine video only to find later that someone else made the same machine. This step of posting first onto acropedia is to make sure that does not happen. Don’t worry. Post away. Acrobats are nice people and do not judge.

Copy and paste the form at the bottom of this page into your email. Answer the fields and then send to [email protected]. There are more details about picture and video quality below. Please read. Email Eric Sipes at same email if you have questions. Submit only one skill per email.

At we want to give people credit. If your move is very similar to another one that is okay but we like to mention that you got inspiration for your move from another move. If you made your move with one person but demoed the move in the pic or vid with another person please mention that in your submission.

Tips for good video

  • Search Acropedia for the name of your move. It is possible the name is already taken.
  • Please shoot horizontal video at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Cell phones shoot this way when held horizontally. Please no vertical or square video.
  • Use tripod if possible
  • It is best to host on Youtube. It is free and easy to use.
  • Instagram resolution is too low for acropedia. Same for FB videos.
  • You can also submit links to original video through dropbox or google drive.
  • Make sure video is in focus
  • Resolution needs to be HD or 1920 by 1080px. Most new phones shoot at this resolution by default. Higher is even better, such as 4K.
  • Good lighting. Shooting outside in daylight or next to windows will help
  • Avoid back lighting. This is when the sun is in the background and subjects are dark
  • Please no fast-forward video. Normal speed or slo-mo is okay
  • Shoot so that subjects fill up the whole frame. If feet go out of frame that is too close.
  • Prefer one skill in each video
  • If you are submitting a washing machine do at least three rotations. More is even better. Makes it easier for someone to learn from your video
  • Music added with a video editor is nice but not strictly necessary
  • Do not film using the “Viva Video” camera app. Resolution too low.

For Pictures

  • Search Acropedia for the name of your move. The name may be already taken.
  • Please submit no more than 1 pic at a time. This is so I can make sure you are submitting good pictures before you submit 20 bad ones. That saves you and me a lot of work.
  • Please make sure pictures are at least 1920px on at least one side.
  • No Instagram pics-too low of resolution
  • No more than 4 megs
  • Prefer jpgs on Dropbox. Submit a Dropbox link of your move.
  • Good lighting…Simple way to ensure good lighting is to shoot outside in direct sunlight with sun behind camera.
  • Prefer pictures taken with DSLR cameras and run through an editor. Cell phone pictures work too as long as they are good. Look at the Acropedia picture gallery to get a good idea of what your picture needs to look like.
  • Vertical or horizontal pictures both okay
  • Facebook pictures are okay as long as they are at least 1920px wide on at least one side on Facebook. Facebook sometimes lowers the resolution of pics when you upload. Meaning that when I download a pic from your Facebook it needs to be at least 1920px on at least one side.

For Flows

  • All the same tips on making good video from the washing machine section applies here.
  • Keep under 5 minutes
  • Would be cool if you added music with a video editor.

Submission Form

-begin copy and paste-
Name of Base:
Name of Flyer:
Acropedia Name of Base:
Acropedia Name of Flyer:
Instagram link of base:
Instagram link of flyer:
Base Facebook link:
Flyer Facebook link:
Base Website:
Flyer Website:
Name of photographer/videographer: 
Website of photographer/videographer:

If washing machine, name of washing machine:
        Link to washing machine:
If video of standing move, name of move:
	Link to move:
If picture of pose, name of pose:
	Link to pose (or email attachment):
If flow, name of flow
	Link to flow:
If whip, pop, or whip pop, name:
Poses in this move:

Other details about your submission:
-end copy and paste-