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Acroyoga Weekend Special in Taipei

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Acroyoga Weekend Special in Taipei

April 12 - May 14

| Submitted by Hachim Essaadi

★★★3-Session Topic★★★
4/13 Session #1
Sat. 09:30-12:00 **Hands off!!**

Short flows and techniques without using hands at all.
While everything will get a bit more challenging you´ll see how much fun it can be to keep your hands off. This technique will at the same time teach a lot about the rest of our body: how to be very precise in our lines, how to make clever use oft he legs and core power and how our sensitivity increases. In the end we will bring the hands back in the game and you will be surprised how easy a lot of your acro will suddenly become.
We´ll explore cartwheels, ninja stars, needle on hand and feet, throne to shins and back as well some more transitions.
Hands off is also the perfect technique when flyers need a rest for their wrists after lots of handstands and hand 2 hands and you´re not ready for a break yet but want to keep on flying!

4/14 Session #2
Sun. 09:30-12:30 **Pop & Catch**

To open the chapter of pops we will break it down in flyer and base actions. In pops, they are probably more different than in any other technique. Bases will learn how popping and catching are very, very similar movements. Getting better at catching flyers softly will help cultivate the biggest currency for these skills: TRUST! This has to be earned and what would work better than catching a flyer reliably as soft as a comfy sofa? Another big element of pops is HEIGHT! The higher the pop the more time everybody (base, flyer and spotter) have to adjust, enjoy the ride and prepare fort he catch. We will move from easier pops in plank through cartwheel pops to fun entries intro reverse star and star through pops, maybe even tempos (= slow and soft pops to hand 2 hand).

4/14 Session #3
Sun. 14:00-17:00 **Business Class Therapeutics**

After two intense workshops the weekend will close with a session of flying therapeutics along with some thai massage. The goal is to remind our bodies of the softness and well-being (receiving) as well as widening our tools for twisting, tractioning, massaging and generally healing another body. In the therapeutics parts you´ll learn how to be that comfy couch for your flyer. A usually greatly undervalued pose i slow flying whale and we´ll show you seemingless endless applications of this excellent pose. And during the thai massage we´ll make sure that all of us are finishing up this weekend with a very comfortable feeling in our bodies and possible also with a bit of a slower and relaxed mind than usual.

★★★ Pre-requsite★★★

Session #1 **Hands off!!** base or fly
1. cartwheel
2. ninja star
3. star

Session #2 **Pop & Catch** base or fly
1. throne
2. 3 point star press

Session #3 **Business Class Therapeutics**
1. some experience with Thai massage or flying therapeutics

If you have questions, please come and discuss with us.

★★★ Payment★★★

One person :
$1500 for 1 session
$2600 for 2 session
$3300 for 3 session

Two person discount:
$2600 for 1 session
$4400 for 2 session
$6000 for 3 session

Cancellation policy: refundable minus $500 admin fee when cancelled until the day before workshops start. Non refundable when cancelled on the day or after.

1. Local transfer

Bank: E.Sun bank(808)
Account: 0598-940-164616
Name: 阿闊瑜珈工作室有限公司

Please message on the Facebook page ( to confirm the payment with account less 5 digits number (Same for 2 people signing in together)

★★★ Teacher★★★

Kevin Juang – Acroyoga Teacher level 1

– Acroyoga International Certified Level I Teacher
– 200 RYT Yoga Teacher
– 2016 Taipei Elemental Immersion
– 2018 Malaysia Lunar Immersion
– 2018 Okinawa Solar Immersion
– 2018 Taipei Lunar Immersion Teaching Assistant


★★★ Technical Consultant★★★

Lars Kropac – Acroyoga Teacher Level 2

Since the very first time I´ve flown on someone else I was hooked: Acroyoga is giving, receiving, laughing together, leading, following, taking care of and respecting each other. This magic day happened 5 years ago.
Many of us are not aware of the awesome power and skills that are already available within and through our bodies. Through Acroyoga, together we can uncover these skills again.
As a certified teacher of I share my passion and experience through workshops and retreats. I have received teacher certifications (Level 1 and Level 2) from the founder of Acroyoga, Jason Nemer. I was invited to teach in various towns in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan…



April 12
May 14


Taipei, Taiwan + Google Map


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