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    Josh Young

    What’s the point? Why go to a teacher training?


    Josh Young

    The funny thing about Acro Teacher Trainings is that there is no certifying body that oversees them. (For example, massage therapist have to get licensed through the state government) Yoga is the same way as acro. There is no external regulation. So then what’s the point of taking a teacher training when you can just start teaching?
    I believe Acro Teacher Trainings hold an important role in the development of good teachers and leaders. Teacher Trainings are a means for acrobats to acquire skills, techniques, and methods to teach acrobatics and be leaders in their communities. I think it’s important to invest in becoming a teacher, if you are expecting people to invest in taking your classes. I run every type of acro event out there, and I almost exclusively hire teachers that have gone through a teacher training. I find it hard to invest in presenting teachers that have not taken there own education seriously… and practicing acro does not count towards becoming a good teacher. The only way to become a good teacher is to: 1) teach, 2) be a student.

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    Bridget Maitland

    I took a 2 week training in Toronto because there was no one who did it in my hometown, and now I get to practice all the time! It’s mostly just acrojams, but I think it helps people to feel safe when there’s a teacher of sorts there.


    Scott Schumacher

    I live on the West Coast and want to get certified. I teach yoga locally and have being playing with Acro for the past 4 months. Any suggestions of where to start?

    P.S. Redding Acro Yoga implemented a new word for our beginners. It’s Acropied. It’s defined as when one’s mind is continually thinking about Acro Yoga. When you get the acro bug, your mind is Acropied!


    Silvi Page

    Hi josh!
    As you wrote” The only way to become a good teacher is to: 1) teach, 2) be a student”
    I think that during a teacher training you are a student and learn how to teach, or if you are already a super good teacher you can improve your way to teach with more tips et similia.
    Michelangelo (the famous sculptor) when he was really old, he said: “I’m still Learning”, I truly believe that, but this is only my opinion.
    And Michelangelo’s opinion as well 😀


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