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    John Carter

    A question that has been asked to me several times, of which I’ve sometimes had difficulty explaining. Have you ever just sat down one afternoon after attending a jam with all of your friends and reflected on why you do it? Why do you spend so much time practicing these skills, why does it bring a smile to your face helping a new person into bird for the first time, why acro?

    A friend asked me a series of these questions a while ago, and I was caught off guard because I’ve never really sat down and answered them. I believe that with any personal hobby it can be important to self-reflect on why you do these things over and over, what benefits you’re gaining from it, and what benefits can others gain by joining you.

    I invite anyone reading this to check out a blog I wrote regarding these topics, and answer some of the questions I’ve posed. Getting the input from several members in my community really helped me see why acro brings so much joy to my life.

    So, why do you acro? Leave a few comments below and let’s see what other people think.

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