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Tetris Dream

An @acromarco and @tori washing machine Demo by Same Photographer: Emily Wlliams Born from a dreamy vision of a flyer keeping their “Floating Paschi” triangle shape while being moved 360ยบ in one plane. Flyer must subtly transfer weight and micro-adjust their shape. Base play with balancing, go slow, anticipate the next step. Base & flyer […]

Ninja Rotisserie

A @acromarco and @germin-yeo washing machine Demo by Same It does look like a ninja star but feels different.. because: See the first connecting (right) hands? They stay connected the whole time, like in a Rotisserie. This hybrid washing machine feels quite different than either of the parent machines. Flyer reports: “Feels like a one […]

Happy Dolphin

A @acromarco washing machine. Demo by @acromarco and @acroaki Discovered in 2014 with flyer Jamie Lee, and tuned up with many others since then. Possible variation, go straight from bird on hands to pike sit (flyer circle legs wide).