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CDL – Circus Dance Lab

Are you from a dance or circus background? Do you have the desire to go further in your practice and explore within these disciplines? We can offer you a unique environment to make it happen! CDL Over 6 days, we will dive into physical-movement research with artists from both fields, dance and circus. According to […]

200 hour yoga teacher training in goa

31663 Lavenadar resort, karashir mall, agonda, goa

The 200 hour ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training in goa at Shivoham Yoga school is registered with Yoga Alliance. This program is created to teach you various aspects of Yoga […]

Dutch AcroYoga Festival – Xmas 2020

We're super happy to announce a new edition of the Dutch AcroYoga Festival: Xmas 2020. The DAYF Xmas edition is a 6-day festival and will be held on Dec 19 - 24 at a beautiful location in The Hague. Food is included and the festival will be held at a nice big venue, where we […]


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