A washing machine by: Etienne Ponton-Bouchard and @heidi-blais


Name of Base: Etienne Ponton-Bouchard
Name of Flyer: Heidi Blais

Base Facebook link:
Flyer Facebook link:

Instagram link of base: @pompichtaru
Instagram link of flyer:@heidiblais

Notes: From Heidi
The initial spark for this rotation arose while jamming with Nicolas Sibani (@nicolastheacroholic) and Yohann Guichard one night April 2017, while taeching our AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in Italy. I later revisited it with Nicolas Sibani in Copenhagen in August 2017. It gradually became apparent to me that this was headed in the direction of a sideways Catherine’s Wheel. When teaching and travelling, there is never enough time with one partner. Therefore as I continued my travels, I sought to further refine the base’s foot and hand positioning, soliciting Jesse Saunders (@jesse.acro) of London to base the final version. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to record a clean take with Jesse. I returned to Montreal where this video was taken with the talented base, Etienne Ponton-Bouchard, who makes this rotation smooth as butter 🙂 There are a few other videos where you can see the progress/ making of, as well as a more advanced super-free version based by Valtteri Rantala (@valtteri_moves). This is called “Heidi’s Wheel” as a riff on “Catherine’s Wheel”, but I’ll mention here that I was considering “Le Tour du Monde” since I solicited about 4 bases’ help to develop this, all in different cities.