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I love Pops (Icarian and connected), hand to hands and standing hand to hands the most! Together with Danya we love to create “Popping Machines” — Washing Machines where all the steps are pops. We also love to do hands free washing machines and travel around teaching all these things in as many places as we can get to! 🙂 <3



Hobs Hobotus

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Nomadic, travelling and living the Acro life in our RV!!





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I LOVE ACRO!!! The practice has taught me so much about life, myself, how to interact with others, positive communication, partnership and all the things. And, Acro is also the funnest thing people can do together IMHO (In my Hobot opinion 😉

I currently live my life travelling and teaching Acro with my super wifey/super Acro-partner Danya Xena! Find us at AcroSuperHeroes.com for a workshop or event near you!! 🙂

Also available for online Acro coaching and Acro privates. Contact me via AcroSuperHeroes@gmail.com or on Facebook, other social media as Hobs Hobotus 🙂

Much love to all the people! <3 <3 <3